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GrowTiGo was founded in 2017 on one promise:  to help entrepreneurs, creatives and innovators turn their vision and passion into market reality - by developing, launching and sustaining successful products, lasting brands and categories.

Michael S. Chang
President & Chief Marketing Consultant

A technology junkie and brand/category maker, Michael has enjoyed a lifelong obsession with emerging technology and media.  Michael loves spotting "tipping points" - using structured consumer and market researchto tell simply powerful stories and laser-focused activation to accelerate adoption and revenue.

Michael has ridden the waves of transformation --- from "packaged goods" physical products to cloud services --- at SaaS pioneers Autodesk, Citrix, and NetSuite - as well as defining the bleeding-edge of  consumer media behavior and monetization at advertising technology company PubMatic and video game publishers RockYou and EA.

Michael enjoys solving tough problems, by seamlessly integrating the structured Go-to-Market Rigor of the enterprise with the Nimble Agility and Passion of startups --- to Grow Brands, Users, Revenue and Lifetime Value.

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